Moment Grec

Moment Grec, Aegina Folklore Museum, Greece, 2014

Also the publication GREEK MOMENT GREC, Edition du Regard was released after the exhibition

participating artists: Zach Baroupi, Dora Benderra, Léandre Ber- nard Brunel, Téo Betin, François Bianco, Jessica Boubetra, Jeanne Briand, Diogo Costa Moreira, Léa Dumayet, Santiago Esses, Elsa Girondin, Maha Kays, Alice Lahana, Flavie Lebrun Taugourdeau, Valentin Lewandowski, Anna Maria Lozano, Karen Luong, Mikael Monchicourt, AnaÎ Neto, Célestine Peuchot, Eleni Phyla, Alexandre Poisson, Sophie Rézard de Wouves, Lola Roiné, Camille Sauer, Arthur Tiar, Adrien Maes, Emmanuel Saulnier, Fabrice Vannier

gallery: Folclore museum, Aegina, Greece
curator: Emmanuel Saulnier


On the occasion of the GREEK MOMENT project, the studio artists visited Greece in 2014, met with Greek artists, film directors, writers and intellectuals and had the opportunity to experience living in Greece for a short period of time.
Saulnier is wondering: “Is there anything more monumental in Europe today than this GREEK MOMENT? Everyone finds himself in this primordial and contemporary history. Each one of us can understand how important and fragile – at the same time- the structure is.


Trying to capture the title of the project visually, I constructed a greek map made out of flour, positioned onto a sieve. With just a small movement, in a moment, it can collapse. Fragile, ephemeral, sensitive – just like a crisis. -E.Phyla