Painting notes

“A more recognizable depiction of our world are the combines of Eleni Phyla, such as Metax- ochori (2018). Jutting out in the front of and attached to a brushy landscape is a found object of a woman riding a horse in a similar colour scheme. Although the idea dates back to Duchamp, the integration of such a readymade resembles an isolated part of a Robert Rauschenberg.
review: Whitehot Magazine, Chris Bors 

Artworks in order shown

Tris Elies, acrylic on canvas, found object, metal stand, 35 x 28 x 31 cm, 2018

Metaksochori, acrylic on canvas, found object, metal stand, 50 x 40 x 32,5 cm, 2018

Photos Courtesy Art Seen, Nicosia Photography by Louca Studios

Colours and their relations, pop culture and its paradoxes

There are some objects, situations, colors, people that magnetise me.
Perhaps because they have some relation to my old clothes, past years, a style, an old interest.

It is complicated to understand the genre of this attraction.

It is some kind of excitement.
I over wanted these items.
Their story, was also magnetising. Why their owners kept them even though they were broken?


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