Bubbles, bubble machine, green bubble solution, wire rope, light source, motion sensor, dimensions variable, 2015

As installed at Riviera outdoor cinema Exarcheia, Athens, as part of the group show ‘Fireworks out of season’, 2015, curator : Galini Notti

In the life that someone lives while dreaming, he is the same but he may also be somebody else; he might look different, act or feel in another way; perhaps a familiar place is elsewhere, changed, or a foreign place feels intimate, as if he has been there before even though he cannot locate it in reality. The exhibition Fireworks out of season – Riviera is an invitation to a visit out of time and place. It is an invitation in Riviera when the open-air movie theaters are not yet open or are long-closed, be- fore or after the tourist season at a destination by the sea. It is an exhibition about the untimely, the out of season. It is about the weather as a sub- ject of discussion which is always up-to-date. It is about fireworks, the ephemeral, what shines once and vanishes. It is about celebration. It is about flash and brilliance. It is about the unique moment. It is about reminiscence. It is about explosion. It is about burning and destruction as a moment of pleasure. It is about observation, not in the sense of duration but of a turn of the gaze on something new or something we have seen a thousand times and we see it again differently. It is about what shows only in the dark. It is about the secret life of things. It is about Riviera in Exarcheia or Riviera in the Côte d’Azur. -G.Notti

An ephemeral installation consisting of a bubble machine that is turned on by movement, (it is connected to a motion sencor). It is installed in Riviera’s toilets. The number of bubbles produced is proportional to the visitor’s of the exhibition. -E.Phyla

Installation view at Riviera outdoor cinema Exarcheia, Athens, as part of the group show ‘Fireworks out of season’, 2015.