If in Paris, do not miss the 15 year Emmanuel – Saulnier atelier exhibition. A RATAFIA publication will follow that I will be taking part, as I had the chance to be part of this beloved group!


I am participating in PASYKAF’s art exhibition, LIFE, moving around Cyprus. Support the cause, all the money will go for charity. EXHIBITION PROGRAMME Paphos Opening Ceremony at Almyra Hotel Saturday 17 February 7-9pm 18th -28th February Open Daily Limassol Opening Ceremony, Aphrodite Amathusia Culture Centre Saturday 3 March 7-9pm 4th – 8th March Open DailyContinue reading “pasykaf”

Air Sale

This public space intervention was realised in a central shop arcade in Athens, curated by Charis Kanellopoulou. Due to the crisis a lot of spaces are closed down, to be sold. Typically a sale sticker is put at the front door often accompanied by an additional sign that translates as ‘AIR SALE’/ ΠΩΛΕΙΤΑΙ ΑΕΡΑΣ.The metaphorical meaning suggests that the location or previous useContinue reading “Air Sale”