I abandoned city life, I live at the village of my grandfather, immersed in the mountains. I relax my gaze on the curvy mountains and ponder – how much life is left on this planet? Daily distractions of ecosystems, harassment of natural habitats, fires in ancient forests (Amazon, Siberia, Australia), intoxication of the earth and the sea with poisonous chemicals such as insecticides. Our ignorance is amazing. We carry the same practise on our bodies – food wrapped in un-recycled plastic, food poisoned with conservatives, dead water packed in plastic bottles, contaminated air from transport and development, feet squeezed in plastic shoes, nails vandalised with enamel paints, hair and skin soaked into chemical washes. Our ignorance is amazing. We carry the same practice to our brothers and sisters – bombing nations, raping women, killing for fun, eating tortured animals for prestige and pleasure. I look at mountains’ apparent stillness and a tear slides on my upper cheek. It is a battle, to maintain a non-toxic, un-depressed life. My vision is to lift the collective consciousness to a point of enhanced empathy towards different forms of life, let us remember again – we are seeds.